Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drinking less means cleaning more.

Ive been takin' a break from the booze. Namely, Jameson Irish Whiskey. This means I'm spending a lot of time at the crib...Especially since its like a hundred degrees below zero. I am loving this time with my cats. Meow Meow had a really hard time when my brother moved out and my roomie moved in..  I was also working a shit ton and sucked at parenting. Now I kinda got their routines down. Moo's mostly consists of begging for food, pissing on clothes on the floor, eating food, loudly slurping at his fur with horrible death breath, sleeping and dropping atomic bombs into the litter box... Meows involves pettings, biting, hissing, running, kicking ass and taking names, with some naps throw in..she eats after she fucks shit up..mostly strings..
Anyhoo, I'm organizing and cleaning and making stuff. I made laundry detergent today. I'll post pics soon but right now I have a glitter spill to clean up. Bitch ass glitter.

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