Monday, January 24, 2011

Uh. What?

In the past couple days, it has been determined that my roommate has some asshole tendencies. Fuck that shit. I want to move out so bad..and I could move in with my bro and his gf (I used to hate her but now I love her, also remember that Guns and Roses song?) but my cats are dicks and they have a dog named Moose and a cat named kitten babies can just fucking deal with it if it has to happen...Being a parent is hard. Especially to two dickhead cats.
I wish I could move far away from Mn..somewhere warm and where people care about fashion...
I sometimes wish I would of just sold out and married to whoever loved me and farted out four kids but then I think that is not who I am..I am not a kid yeller sweatpants wearer...
But I  better get off (heehee) the internet because my room is so messy, I've lost my house key..

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