Thursday, July 1, 2010

The post where I thought I lost my mind, but didn't cuz I'm strong..

Moo hates the heat. He hides from it. 

I haven't lost my shit, yet. I came close. I held it together(barely) and now I can get on down get on down the road..
I did buy some clothes..I bought two dresses on sale at the Gizzap but they make look fatter by hugging me in all  the wrong places. Puke.
I got a cute tunic and a strapless denim number from Target..I thought I found a billion cute shirts but turns out they are all rompers! Who is buying all the rompers? I have only seen like 2 girls rock the romper. I think they are adorable but don't wear them...I would maybe with tights in the fall. I'd be lookin' all bootylicious..autumn leaves and shit.
I need to get my hair done so bad. I just really want long hair. Once I have long hair all my problems will be solved. Fact.
I got Mickels Moo one of those emery board cat scratchies? He made sweet, adoring love to it. My brother and I love to get fucked up and make thoughts and stories from Moo and starring Moo. Fuckin' Moo.
File this under "random ass"..