Thursday, July 1, 2010

The post where I thought I lost my mind, but didn't cuz I'm strong..

Moo hates the heat. He hides from it. 

I haven't lost my shit, yet. I came close. I held it together(barely) and now I can get on down get on down the road..
I did buy some clothes..I bought two dresses on sale at the Gizzap but they make look fatter by hugging me in all  the wrong places. Puke.
I got a cute tunic and a strapless denim number from Target..I thought I found a billion cute shirts but turns out they are all rompers! Who is buying all the rompers? I have only seen like 2 girls rock the romper. I think they are adorable but don't wear them...I would maybe with tights in the fall. I'd be lookin' all bootylicious..autumn leaves and shit.
I need to get my hair done so bad. I just really want long hair. Once I have long hair all my problems will be solved. Fact.
I got Mickels Moo one of those emery board cat scratchies? He made sweet, adoring love to it. My brother and I love to get fucked up and make thoughts and stories from Moo and starring Moo. Fuckin' Moo.
File this under "random ass"..


  1. i can't rock the romper. i think there will always be crotch issues. or the problem of dealing with taking off the whole damn thing to go the bathroom. annoying! but maybe that is just me.

  2. fuckshit. I forgot about that. My poor crotch is abused enough.

  3. bahahahahah...this post made me LAUGH. you are funny shite, lady. found your blog via the ever awesomeness of drollgirl.

    fuckin' it!!

    my cats hide from the heat too. it's heat wave time a trillion right now here, and we're in canada so we're not used to it, at all.