Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I guess I'm not one of those everyday bloggers.

Since I've last posted here has what happened...
Researching acting classes. Fo' sho gonna take Improv Classes.
Got an old phone that I need to exchange for a new phone.
Disowned my sister and a cousin. Long ass white trash story.
Reconnected with my Grandma and Aunt... My Grandma and I are close but my aunt is newly in my life. My dad hates her.
I fell in lust with a boy. He doesn't even know there is a raping in his future.
I took adorable pics/vids of my cats.
I laughed and laughed and laughed.
I bought beauty products galore.
I live in Minnesota. Its January. I just got a pair of winter boots..$15 moon boots from the Gap! 
I have been told, its obvs Ive lost weight. Watching what you eat and increasing your physical activity even a little bit works wonders.
On that note, I looked fucking hot today. 


  1. sounds like things are good with you, gorgeous!

    and yes, eating a little less and exercising sure makes a difference. i am trying to do the same! you look fab! :)

  2. I would pound drollgirl with a thousand bones if I could.