Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My bedroom. A story with no ending.

For these chairs..My friend Erin gave them to me for free..she had found them and had every intention of making them over but gave up..
We tried selling them at the yard sale. Some lady that was huge and wearing kelly green sweatpants with a mustache balked when I told her the price was 2 dollars per chair..she heaved herself back into her minivan..I didn't know how dirty they were and Erin had left for the longest liquor store run ever..I'm glad I was stupid though because now these chairs are mine! I want to redo one for living/dining room and one for my cat lady bedroom. I am on the hunt for fabric! I checked out Crafty Planet which is near Kristen's crib..I need to check out everything in person. I am also gonna check out the secondhand shops and yard sales for some gems.
vintage bedspread with vintage Moo
My bedroom is pink,yellow, grey,brown and white..I got the bedding from DwellStudio at Target..I love it so much. In all the years I have been a' living on my own I have NEVER had the bedroom I wanted. I thought green and yellow with white? Nope. Brown birds(more DwellStudio) but the blanket caught fire in the dryer, then mustard yella with turquoise? Nope. I even painted furniture turquoise and am in the process of painting it white. I bought a mint green and peach vintage bedspread and was gonna go that route but could find nothing to match! Most of the problems stemmed from the fact that I have shared bedrooms with 4 boyfriends. I know. What a whore. I tried ti keep their dudeness in mind and now as a single lady I am all "fuck you" I want a bedroom that is beautiful and feminine because I am a LADY!
I have kinda put a hold on this bedroom redo, because I will be moving soon and my current bedroom is so fucked. No closet just two huge unmatching broken ass wardrobes that are barely functional and a Malm dresser. All my landlords. Plus my bed, my dresser and one teeny nightstand. I get claustrophobic. I have been sleeping on the couch because my room is so messy and closing in on me..
Stay tuned for bedroom updates as I will be trying to find and fix things before the BIG MOVE (read in a deep announcer type voice)

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