Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meow Meow Kitty Girl Princess of KittyGirl Island.

I have a cat named Meow Meow Kitty Girl.
I've had her for like 4 yrs now...
She used to live outside under the porch of my old apartment building. For months. The neighbors below us used to keep out a bowl of Friskies for her on the steps. She would meow and meow. Meow Meow used to be distant and weird and very bitey. My ex boo brought her inside one day and it pissed me off. I was allergic to cats and he brought her in without telling me. I felt bad for her though..One time it was raining and she was yowling for hours. That was the first time I ever knew of her. I dreamed of her that night killing me.
She didn't want to be adopted by us then. She still wanted to be free..but when it was getting colder and we let her in she decided to stay.
She was very standoffish and would hide as she slept. Meow Meow also did not want to be named "Gypsy" as I had originally planned. I put a "Found Kitty" ad on Craigslist when we found out she was homeless and living under the porch but never heard anything. I used to see a grey cat in a window I walked by..I saw the apartment was empty once and wonder if that was Meow Meow's former home? Was I walking by the future love of my life for months without knowing?
Meow Meow came to love me but pretty much hated my boyfriend. Me and the boyfriend would fight constantly, Meow would come cuddle with me and purr as I sobbed my heart out. She still liked to go outside and would even go outside in the winter! I would look for her by calling "Kitty, kitty meow meow" and follow her paw prints in the snow. She would come running.
The sucktastical boyfriend and I broke up and we moved apart. I moved in with a friend who ended up being a cokehead. Me and Meow were treated like shit and only had each other. I seriously only had her at that point in my life. Those 6 months were spent with me on the couch and Meow Meow on my tummy. I moved away from cokehead whorehound into another apartment. And another and another. Meow has lived with two ex boyfriends, two ex friends and my brother since we've met. We have this strange bond. My brother says she is my familiar. I told my brother when I die I want her buried with me. The Egyptians did it so I figure I can. That's how my logic works.
I seriously love her so I type this rambling ass post..she is laying on my feet..
Stay tuned for the story of Moo. Meow Meow HATES Moo.

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