Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A girl can dream.

All images from Cliche

Le sigh.
I'm on a shopping ban. Big time. So there goes a stunning new summer wardrobe destined to win me so many approving nods and phone numbers from bearded hotties riding fixed gears.
My favorite places to shop for clothes and shoes are TargetUrban shmurban OutfittersForever21H&M and various other places too numerous to mention.
My goal inside my head is to shop more locally at such boutiques as Cliche and secondhand stores. I have been beyond obsessed with florals lately. I have a tendency to dress like a slutty old lady so imagine my glee when florals started popping up everywhere! Eek!
It's a shame it will get too warm for tights. I will have to bare leg it. I HATE my bare ass legs. My calves are super meaty, pale and always banged up.
But I am 30 yrs old now and being 30 yrs old means not caring so much about what people think. I think.
I just hate being self conscious. The only remedy for that is booze.
Every time I go out with bare meat logs I need to be drunk? Hmm. Curious idea.

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