Monday, May 10, 2010

A list of stuff I need to do.

1. Pay off late bills. Poop.
2. Pay off doctors bills. Fucking doctors.
3. Adhere to budget. Puke.
4. Get a pair or five of brown platform sandals.
5. Find more strapless maxi dresses such as the black floral number I found at Target..
6. More floral. Everywhere.
7. Buy more flowers.
8. Sand and refinish dresser. Or not.
9. Find a new and better apartment.
10. Get hair did.
11. Yard sale. This weekend.
12. Get second job.
13. Ride bike more. Damn rain and cold.
14. Go to beach.
15. Find a pair of black sandals that don't make my cankles look even cankier.
16. Fix wrist tattoo.
17. Get industrial piercing in other ear so that the number of piercings in each ear are even. This bugs me.
18. Register for school. Uck.
19. Drink more water you dehydrated bitch! I just yelled at myself.
20. Get off the caffeine. Again.
21. Buy more records. My collection is so overheard.
22. More secondhand shopping. Damn you Target Downtown.
23. Finally use a Neti Pot. Eek!
24. Draw more.
25. Start AND finish crafts for once!

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