Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey. Can you eat some shit please?

 It has been rainy in Minneapolis for what seems like months. I like rain. But this is worthless cold ass rain. My allergies get really bad when it rains. Serious. I don't know why and nobody believes me. Boofuckinghoo. This nonstop rainy weather plus my current financial situation makes for a very grumpy girl. And by grumpy I mean bitchy. And by bitchy I mean raging Cbag..Yesterday I was walking, late for work all Benadryled up and this HUGE old guy decided as he blows his nose into a giant hankie he is gonna not look down at the little people and walked into me. Normally, I would just give him a tight smile and have mean eyes but this time I shouted " What the FUCK?" at him and scampered off..
Two girls at my work make me want to bite their heads off and spit them out. At their now headless bodies writhing on the floor in a pool of blood..
My current financial situation is to blame for my pissy attitude. Normally, I am quite positive and approach things that anger me with a bemused, sarcastic attitude..
I don't know when the fuck I am gonna start second job. The owner is flaky as fuck. Me and the Tick are going to donate plasma today. I don't mind being poor but I HATE worrying about paying rent. That is my big worry. That my rent won't get paid and I will get evicted. My landlord hates me because he hates women and he wants to move into my apartment when our lease is up.
I have places to go if that happens but would really rather not deal with moving for no reason and couch hopping with my kitty loves would suck balls.
I am taking the steps to improve my life (second job, applying for a full time position at my teaching job, budgeting, donating plasma, babysitting) so everything will work out but in the meantime I will complain via a blog I haven't told anybody I write.

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