Monday, May 24, 2010

Maybe I was lying.

Uh. My landlord came downstairs to speak with me. He wants me to stay. Brother is moving in with girlfriend. I was gonna get my own crib and boom! Here comes Raj with all these ideas. He can be nice and he is hilarious. He wants me to stay and find a roommate. Raj will move to his St Paul home and rent a room upstairs. Mostly, he said in case he needs a place to pass out .He will be traveling and trying to get a job(s)..He is some sort of dude on movie sets. I think he just drives trucks around for them..He worked on the movie A Serious Man. I loved that movie.
Anyhoo, I asked my homies Karla and Scotty. Scotty seems like a sure thing but he has to find a job first. Karla is kinda iffy because she was excited to get her own crib. 
It sucks that I will be stuck with these colorful ass walls. 
I hope it works out. Although, I was uber excited about new digs I am more excited to not have to move. Paying for application fees, calling around, packing and moving..Ugh..moving sucks so bad. Especially when you are a girl like me that doesn't own a car or know how to drive. I know. I'm helpless. 
I emailed Scotty pictures and a brief description. He is hating his life in Fargo and wants out. I understand. That was me 8 years ago. 
Hopefully, my cats won't poop on his bed. 

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