Monday, May 24, 2010

Cleaning Haus.

At the end of the summah I will be moving into a sweet new crib. By myself. With my kittencats. I can't wait to be brother less and without a weirdo landlord living above me. We have lived here almost three years and that is the longest I have ever lived in one place, counting my childhood.
I have a sort of a wishlist for new criblet.

1. Hardwood floors.
2. Tons of sunlight and windows.
3. Laundry on site. ( I ain't got one of them car thingies)
4. Safe and secure.
5. Closets.
6. Ample storage in the kitch.
7. Somewhere for the kitties poopbox that isn't visible to guests. Mickey drops bombs,ya'll..
8. Close to the deli and on busline for school and preschool jobby job..
9. Ceiling fans or an A/C would be the shiznit.
10. Quiet. ( within reason)
11. Close to some shops and food places.
12. Non hipster neighborhood.
13. A balcony would be so rad but kinda rare in Uptown.
14. Close to at least one bar.
15. Quirks and character.
16. Dishwasher would be fab but I can live without one. Barely.

I kinda think I need to see one a couple blocks from my current home. It's available for September. But it is still in my sketchy neighborhood. But I kinda like living in sketchy neighborhoods. And you can find danger anywhere. Even in the safe neighborhoods.
Hopefully, I could paint the place too but I have been having huge boners over white walls. I will be posting pictures soon of my ghetto mansion. The landlord picked the wall colors. At first I liked it but now it's a battle to not have TOO much color. Plus, it is very horribly painted. Whomever painted it was high on meth and couldn't keep a straight line or give a fuck about quality. Effing methheads.
I am still finding stuff to get rid of even after yard sale of the century!
Keep your eyes peeled.
                                .Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know you never tried to bite your cats head off

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