Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Day at Second Job.

Fucking sucked, At first. At first I wanted to give up. But then I remembered giving up is for pussies so Itried to make the best of it. I felt so awkward. That is what made it suck so bad..was that I felt so awkward..but I know I am super sensitive and have made many Anti Jenny ideas swirl in my head and they were unfounded. That makes me sound like I have a personality disorder..
The people I work with are cool. And I work with like 4 people I had worked with 5 years ago. Going back to a job that provides more bad memories than good is the hardest thing I have had to do in 2010.
But I am grateful to have two jobs. I am stoked that I will be rolling in the dough.
I got a good lead on a new cheap apartment. Karla wants to check them out too..and Leah already lives there. Karla said it would be a "cat lady community"..
I did get hit on in the store and flirted with on the phone. I am awesome at customer service. I really am. I can fake happy and enthusiasm like a motherfucker.
I am gonna miss my kitties with all this working.

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