Thursday, May 20, 2010



Bizzos. This spring has been kicking my ass allergy wise. So bad. I've had the swollen, itchy eyes, the runny nose with sneezing, tiredness and my nose gets itchy. How pretty. I am not one of those folks that ever go to the doctor so I self medicate my ass off. The dust mites and tree pollen have been giving me the beating of a lifetime. People mowing their lawns also fucks me over.
Natural remedies haven't worked so much for me. The homeopathic shiz, I mean.. I am supposed to eat local honey everyday and that is gonna help. I really need to start doing that.
Allergy medicine either doesn't work or if it works it makes me a sleepyhead that is totally worthless at living.
I am such a dork that I keep track of the pollen count. Via
I am probably too sexy for you.
 Tried the Neti pot and it helps.
 Zyrtec works but it makes me so sweepy!
Could see an allergist and get those shots that may or may not work. Eesh. Maybe they have some hardcore drugs that crack me out instead of make me lethargic?
I went to Apartment Therapy to find these gems Window pollen screen thingies. and these Helpful hints.
My next apartment will for sure have hardwood floors and those window screen things. I also need to get another mattress cover for my featherbed. Or a new comfy bed so that I don't need a featherbed. Stinkin' featherbed and it's inability to be laundered.
It is about damn time I get an air purifier or two.
It sucks because advice is to stay indoors and keep windows closed but it's too beautiful out...
In the meantime I will listen to jams like these Mf Doom and read blogs all day. Bra less.

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