Friday, May 21, 2010


Holy fucksauce party peeps. I got off work at midnight..came home, ate more cookies, texted late night friends and took a Zyrtec..Dude! I slept the sleep of the dead and drugged up til 2:20pm!
Where the hell did my day go? Oh. That's right. I was dreaming of making sandwiches and house fires..
F you Zyrtec! I am NEVER taking you again!
I could of slept longer but when I checked the time I pretty much fell out of bed. Now I am groggy as fuck. Thank BuddhaBabyJesus that I have been making the iced coffee concentrate recipe I found a long time ago from How About's the iced coffee recipe...Make it. So easy. So wonderful. So magical.
Now I am a puddle of flesh on the couch. I work at 6pm. Ugh.
Work shmerk.
                                           Here is a picture of Moo workin'

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