Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneak peekers.

Here are pictures of the living room. Pretend the hideous box fan isn't there and also pretend there is adequate lighting. There isn't an overhead light and I have only two lamps because I need to spray paint some lamps. Ignore the mess. I am Spring cleanin' like a mofo. The paint colors are atrocious. In order to repaint there is so much patching and sanding to do, it would be ridiculous.
The kitchen is liquid baby poop green. I want it to be a light blue or white. I would also like more storage. ! want a vintage pill poppin' 50s housewife feel.
The bathroom is a dull gray color. It angers me. Nothing matches with the paint color. I did try to mix white accessories with the gray but I hated it and would brush my teeth extra hard out of anger.  The gray has like bluish, purplish hues. Uck. I would like to paint it a neutral tone like white because the natural lighting in there sucks.. I would also like to make it more girly. Because I am a girl.
The dining room would be so awesome as white. It has an orange wall and the other walls are yellow. But a lighter yellow than the golden yellow in the living room. If I could I would replace the nasty ass ceiling fan that gives horrible lighting. Sigh.
The living room also has a burnt sienna wall that drives me fucking bonkers. If it were up to me I would just paint all the walls a bright white and have a beautiful Danish mid century modern home. The thought gives me a design boner.



  1. the thought gives me a DESIGN BONER?!?!? hahahah!!!! love that!

    i live in a rental apartment and i have a FUCKING CUNT LANDLORD (sorry, i am bitter and i have a potty mouth). i have MINT GREEN WALLS. through almost my entire 1000 square feet. FUCKING MINT GREEN WALLS?!??! confounding! i have tried to make them work. tried. i can now live with them (what choice do i have), but i can't wait to SOMEDAY BE WITHOUT MINT GREEN WALLS!!!!

  2. Babe. I love the word "cunt" and secondly YUCK! Mint green walls everywhere!? Its like you're living in a fucking ice cream cone.