Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010.

I called my mom like a good daughter.Mama wasn't feeling well so I kept it short. LOVE YOU MOM!  Moo and Meow Meow didn't give a fuck that it was Mothers Day, so I didn't get a present. Ungrateful asshole cats.
Me and the brudder went to my Grandma's, My Grandma lives with my Aunt Roberta who is disabled. Grandma is freakin' hilarious. Bawdy and gossipy. My favorites. Deertick made steaks. YUCK! I was a vegetarian for a total of ten years and have been eating meat for almost a year now. It is very hard for me to eat meat that looks too...meaty? But Grandma gets pissy if you deny the food she makes or buys so I just eat what is served and blog about it later. I hate steak so bad.
The smallest steak that I shared with my cuz turned out to be the rarest. Puke city. I doused it with ketchup but still was almost gagging. Then darling brother Deertick says "You got the pinkest one!' and laughed to himself. He knew I was nervous about steaks.
I ate 3 hot dogs so that I could say I was in a 'hotdog mood" but Grandma didn't even notice that I left most of my steak untouched. I did cut it up in various sized pieces so that she would think I was just truckin' along and had to give up because I was too full.
Fuck steak.
Grandma did insist that I make up a bag of scraps for my kitties. She even put it in the fridge so that it would stay fresh. She is always thinkin' of my cats..her "great grandchildren".
For dessert we had Sugar free pudding (Roberta has the Diabetes) I joked that I would just eat it out of the big bowl it was made in and Roberta said I would need "a big ASS spoon!"...We laughed so hard because the look on Roberta's face after she said a swear was hilarious.
My cousin Stephanie came with her daughter. Makayla was shy around me at first. Her mom said "This is your cousin Jenny. She's not gonna bite you." I said I was going to bite her. A new friendship was formed. Me and Makayla played "Car Dealership". It was awesome.
Hope ya'll had an equally lovely Mothers Day. Whether you were celebrating mothers or not.

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