Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eek. Birthday bitch.

I am turning 31. Thirtyfuckingone. Gross. I am not bummed about not accomplishing any real goals by my 31st year. Eff that noise. I just don't want to get older and uglier.
I am extremely stoked for my birthday shindig this weekend. Ew. 31 yr olds definitely say "shindig".
I am having what the kids call a "house party" on Saturday.. I was going to have this themed awesomely decorated party but now I'm thinking more thrown together at last minute...
I am also dyeing a scandalous dress a deep red. I hope. The shirts I dyed red turned out...but the navy blue is some kinda buuuuulllshit.... My wonderfully creative and beautiful friend Sarah Dos is gonna do my make up and she said it's gonna be crazy! I LOVE CRAZY!
I'll post pictures. I gotta go play "Fashion Shoot" in the bathroom now.


  1. well hope the 31st was awesome! enjoy the 30s. do it. turning 40 is kind of AWFUL, but it gets better. at least i hope so. lol