Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been one depressed bitch this week. I'm totally over it. and I'm pretty sure it was the winter blues. I used to wonder if I got more depressed during the winter or was it because I was in shitty relationships during the cold months? I am mostly single and its mos def winters fault and not my sucking at picking out boyfriends fault..
My roomie told me Meow Meow caught a mousey but it got away behind the refrigerator. I moved the fridge and there is a bunch of hair ties that Meow steals and loses and a ton of mouse shit. I'm not scared of mice and feel that one or both of the cats will search and DESTROY!
Roomie also said Meow Meow loved torturing that mousey. Hahahaha! Meow is a cat! Cats do that!
I have been using Lush Retread Conditioner on my overly processed but still gorgeous hair. It is making my hair TOO HEALTHY! Can you believe it? I have to wash my hair even less to achieve my sexy bedroom hair...
Since March I have lost 35 pounds. It's crazy. All my old blog posts featuring my photo remind me of the chubs. Turns out when you eat nonstop and exercise less, you turn into a fat ass.

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