Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm just warning you...

That I might go crazy. I am scheduled at both jobs for like 40 hours in TWO FUCKING DAYS! Preschool job Thurs and Friday 8:30-5:30 then deli job 6-Close..we close at 3 in the am and often get off work at 5! So tomorrow (Thursday) I am to work until 5:30 then hop on the bus and go directly to deli job then work til 5 then go to be for an hour and a half, wake up go to preschool job and then directly to deli? And work Saturday, mind you.
Impossible. I am not (despite how bad my face is breaking out right now. Bitches. Or the fact my parents live in a trailer) a meth head.
I think I'm gonna hafta pretend my grandpa died and call in sick on Friday to preschool job in order to work at deli. I don't have any grandpas so it should be easy to fake mourn a made up grandpa?
This working two jobs bullshit better be worth it.
         Adorable picture of pig cat Moo to cheer me up..

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