Saturday, June 12, 2010


          Mickey is makin' a face because he is disgusted that he has to sleep on top of Mama's crap! 
The past two days I have found two chairs in need of fixin' in an alley. What's that you say? I'm the bomb? You're right.
I worked 68 hours this week but next week I only work 60 and I have the weekend off! To go camping! Yucko. I pretty much HATE camping but its my friends 30th birthday and him and his girl love nature. I just hope to get wasted and possibly groped near a tree.
I need to get my hair done so bad...I haven't any time! I might have to color it myself again. I got some grey's ya'll. I was the receiver of grey hairs for my 25th birthday. Another reason why I don't believe in the God.
Anyhoo, I should sign off cuz the crib is a MESS. As is my life.

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  1. CAMPING!?!? ew! i hope there is lots of booze and no animal attacks!