Monday, June 7, 2010


 I have something huge and itchy on the side of my face. It's like a bug bite. I am worried that when I was sleeping like a little baby angel that a spider put her babies under my skin. This is a fear of mine.

Also, this picture makes me look like poop. But look at that! Spider babies! 

I have been having the most fun at the Deli. So many laughs. Like nonstop. I got drunk with some of the work peeps. We got off work at like 5 in the mornin' and then we drank until 11. It was weird going home wasted when people were doing yard work and heading to church. It wasn't so weird that I would never do it again, though.
Of course I was hungover when I had to work again. Puke city. Drunk people shouldn't eat mashed potatoes with siracha and veggie burgers before bed. You puke up chunks.
My house is an effing mess from me workin' so much and my brother being brainwashed into captivity by his psycho as fuck girlfriend.
 Here is a Facebook post she recently wrote..bear in mind he was working?!

 "where are you? you haven't answered my calls or text or emails. what the hell tick? I am gonna cheat on you soon if you don't reply!"  

Here is a picture of my messy ass kitchen. 

The transvestite across the street has the most horrible fashion sense. She wears the ugliest of clothes and made herself the smallest of boobs. It's not like I expect her to be all drag queen but you would think she wouldn't want to dress like she's 90. 
This is totally a random ass post. 

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