Tuesday, May 18, 2010


 The sun is shining on me today! Financial situation still blows but I start at the deli tomorrow..I made a grand total of about 50 bucks at yard sale and donated so much shiz to Salvation Army..
This weekend me and Kristen went to Art a Whirl and visited the California Building! I would post a link but the website is kinda vague..its a 6 story building designed for artists to rent studios..Some of the art was so effing lame(dots on a canvas and call it "Path"? Uck) but most of it was very inspiring. You just really gotta not give a fuck what others think to make your art. Later we went to the 331 Club to hear bands play. Some nerdy dude insisted I was an artist that made "gypsy jewelry"..based on what I was wearing..I was looking fly as fuck but I wasn't wearing any jewelry..
Later we went to Mcdonalds to use the bathroom( some meanie budged in front of us in the bathroom line at the bar so I told everybody its cuz she had to poop so bad) At Mcdonalds they had a cat shrine! It didn't make any sense and it was totally awesome!
Later we went to some other bar where I danced a dance with the devil known as Jameson Irish whiskey and my night slowly fell apart as I got wasted and retarded, Sigh.
Lucky for me not so lucky for him my friend Eric escorted me back to his house to bring me home and we saw this weird light up Jesus house someone had in their yard.
The next day I was mildly hungover but decided to join the friends for some LynLake block party fun..
So many people to watch! Har Mar Superstar played. I love him and his sexy funny funk. We decided to call Miles "Dr.Random" because he is random as hell, and completely ridiculous. He almost got bitten by a rainbow colored dog and it would of been all his fault.
Hipsters everywhere.

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