Friday, May 14, 2010


My life can suck a dick right now. I am more screwed than I thought. Thankfully, I have friends like Kristen and Miles to help me feel better.
We had planned on going toArt O Whirl tonight but turns out this evening was just for nerds. And not ironic nerds either. We met their friends Luke and Jess and dog Daisy..Jess and Luke have the cutest house in Northeast. It was built in 1912 and was so awesome. I was totally jealous and told them so like 12 times. I wish I could take pictures. The bathrooms! To die for! The black leather inherited from grandma mid century couch!
Mickey Moo smells so bad right now. Like dead rotting fish that have been left in a pile to rot and the pile is constantly added to with more dead rotting nasty ass fish..and then somebody pooped near the pile of dead stinkin' fish guts..and the poop bakes in the hot sun adding to the smell..That's what MM's breath smells like .I would shove his nastiness away but I just got home after being gone for awhile and Mama feels bad for her babykittyheart but damn he stinks!
Anyhoo, after hanging with Jess, Luke and Daisy we went back to the crib and just talked and talked..and watched AFV..Miles kinda snoozed as Miles is wont to do..
Mickey just burped and the mushroom cloud of stink just made me seriously gag.
I can't write anymore. Dammit Moo.
Yard Sale tomorrow. Yay?

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