Sunday, May 30, 2010

Homeward bound. Not at all like the Simon and Garfunkel song.

                                      Dick in a box. Because he later ate too much catnip and pissed in it. 

Where in the goddamn hell is my camera battery charger? I'm dying! I'm dying because I can't find it! I have been organizing and rearranging this house like a biznitch and can't show ya'll any pictures of anything. Sob. I even have missed out on ultra adorable cat pictures.
I have so many plans for this crib. Hopefully, my would be roomie doesn't flake out on me and I'm forced to move last minute.
I am homeward bound because I haven't any motivation to go anywhere these past couple of days. Yesterday, I had the day off and I spent it in silence with the groggiest of brains. Effin allergies.
Today I am more motivated. This house is closing in on me. With all its clutter and poorly painted walls.
I know what would make me feel better. A party! A party full of treats and boozy bevs!
In the meantime if you live in the Mpls area. Contact me. So I can unload my crap upon you.

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