Saturday, May 29, 2010

Home. A list.

Source: I forget. Help a sistah out. 
List Time! Oh how I love a list!
This one is dedicated to all the shiz I want to do and buy for the criblet.

1. Paint all or most of the walls white. This needs to be met with landlords approval. 
2. Get a new/old love seat.
3. Give away stripey chairs but keep ottoman. Its a cat bed now. 
4.Organize the kitchen. 
5. Glass jars for storage in the kitchen. 
6. Curtains for kitchen.
7. New bookshelf. The "Billy" isn't cutting it anymore. 
8. Make back yard pretty. 
9. New TV stand. 
10. New coffee table. 
11. Re pot plants.
12. Get new plants. I love plants. 
13. New shower curtain. 
14. Organize bedroom. 
15. Get air purifier. 
16. New dining room table? Because current one is birch-y colored and I want mid century beautifulness? 
17. New curtains for Dining room. 
18. New artwork. Especially for dining room. 
19. Cute cat bed. 
20. Shoe storage.
21. More lamps. Why it gotta be so dark in here? Dang. 

As I have stated before, I want white walls and a more Danish like feel. Please, please Rajiv let me paint the walls. PLEASE! 
Please refer to this link for my dream home..this is just one of the many homes I have bookmarked...Lisa and Clay's Artsy and Calm Collaboration.

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